Clone, edit and push files that live in a Gist

GitHub Gists are full Git repositories, and can be cloned and pushed to.

You can clone them anonymously (read-only) just using their URL:

git clone

But if you want to be able to make local edits and then push them back, you need to use this recipe instead:

git clone

You can find this in the "Embed" menu, as the "Clone via SSH" option.

This only uses the Gist's ID, the simonw/ part from the URL is omitted.

This uses your existing GitHub SSH credentials.

You can then edit files in that repository and commit and push them like this:

cd 0a30d52feeb3ff60f7d8636b0bde296b
# Edit files here
git commit -m "Edited some files" -a
git push

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