Granting a PostgreSQL user read-only access to some tables

I wanted to grant a PostgreSQL user (or role) read-only access to a specific list of tables.

I created the role using the Heroku PostgreSQL web console. Having done that, it had the name read-only-core-tables.

I attached it to my Heroku application using the web console, then I ran the following to get myself a default-permission terminal session:

% heroku pg:psql postgresql-metric-59331 --app myapp

As the default user I ran the following:

GRANT USAGE ON SCHEMA PUBLIC TO "read-only-core-tables";

This grants that user the ability to see what tables exist - after running this the \dt command for that user started showing a full list of tables.

But... select * from table returned permission denied for every table. To allow select access I ran this:

TO "read-only-core-tables";

That's all it took - my read-only user was then able to run select * from county and see the results - but attempts to select against tables not in that allow-list were denied.

Created 2021-02-26T07:58:19-08:00 · Edit