Creating a minimal SpatiaLite database with Python

When writing a test for datasette-leaflet-freedraw I realized I didn't have a simple tiny recipe for creating an in-memory SpatiaLite database in Python. I came up with this:

import sqlite3

SPATIALITE = "/usr/local/lib/mod_spatialite.dylib"

db = sqlite3.connect(":memory:")
db.execute("SELECT load_extension(?)", [SPATIALITE])
db.execute("SELECT InitSpatialMetadata(1)")
db.execute("CREATE TABLE places_spatialite (id integer primary key, name text)")
    "SELECT AddGeometryColumn('places_spatialite', 'geometry', 4326, 'POINT', 'XY');"
# Then to add a spatial index:
    "SELECT CreateSpatialIndex('places_spatialite', 'geometry');"

Datasette and sqlite-utils both have find_spatialite() utility functions. Here's how to call the Datasette one as a one-liner:

% python -c 'import datasette.utils; print(datasette.utils.find_spatialite())'

I also remembered I have this script:

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