Running the latest SQLite in Datasette using Homebrew

I made a pleasant discovery today: Homebrew are very quick to update to the latest SQLite release (here's their formula), and since Datasette when installed via Homebrew uses that version, this means you can use brew update sqlite to ensure you are running the most recent SQLite version within Datasette.

If you've installed Datasette using Homebrew:

brew install datasette

You can see the version of SQLite it uses either by running datasette and navigating to - or you can see it from the command-line using:

% datasette --get /-/versions.json | jq .sqlite.version

To upgrade SQLite, run the following:

brew upgrade sqlite

After doing that I ran the above command again and confirmed I had been upgraded to SQLite 3.38.0:

% datasette --get /-/versions.json | jq .sqlite.version

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