Listen to a web page in Mobile Safari

I found a better way to listen to a whole web page through text-to-speech on Mobile Safari today.

Previously I'd been selecting all text on the page manually (an arduous task) and using the "Speak" action menu. It turns out there's a better way.

  1. Hit the aA button next to the URL bar and select "Listen to Page" from the menu
  2. Hit that button again and you can control the Speaking rate, pause and skip forward or backwards by a short amount of time

I think this is a new feature. Sadly it only works on pages that support "Reader" mode - which tends to be most article pages, but it won't be shown for pages that do not have a detected single article on them.

The content read out loud is the same content as is displayed if you select "Show Reader".

Screenshot of the two different states of that menu, with pink arrows highlighting the key options

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