Registering temporary pluggy plugins inside tests

While implementing more finely-grained permissions for datasette-insert-api (issue 8) I decided I wanted to register a Datasette pluggy plugin for the duration of a single test.

Here's the pattern I figured out for doing that:

from datasette import hookimpl
from datasette.plugins import pm
import pytest

def test_using_test_plugin():
    class TestPlugin:
        __name__ = "TestPlugin"

        def permission_allowed(self, datasette, actor, action):
            if action.startswith("insert-api:"):
                return permissions.get(action.replace("insert-api:", ""))

    pm.register(TestPlugin(), name="undo")
        # Rest of test goes here

Here's an example of a test that uses a pytest fixture to register (and de-register) a plugin:

from datasette import hookimpl
from import Datasette
from datasette.plugins import pm
import pytest

def unsafe():
    class UnsafeInsertAll:
        __name__ = "UnsafeInsertAll"

        def permission_allowed(self, action):
            if action == "insert:all":
                return True

    pm.register(UnsafeInsertAll(), name="undo")

async def test_insert_alter(ds, unsafe):
    async with httpx.AsyncClient( as client:
        response = await
            json=[{"id": 3, "name": "Cleopaws", "age": 5}],
        assert 200 == response.status_code

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