literalinclude with markers for showing code in documentation

I wanted to include some example Python tests in the Datasette documentation - but since they were tests, I also wanted to execute them as part of my test suite to make sure they worked correctly.

I solved this with the Sphinx literalinclude directive.

Here's what I put in my docs/testing_plugins.rst#L92-L111 file:

A simple test looks like this:

.. literalinclude:: ../tests/
   :language: python
   :start-after: # -- start test_homepage --
   :end-before: # -- end test_homepage --

Or for a JSON API:

.. literalinclude:: ../tests/
   :language: python
   :start-after: # -- start test_actor_is_null --
   :end-before: # -- end test_actor_is_null --

To make requests as an authenticated actor, create a signed ``ds_cookie`` using the ``datasette.client.actor_cookie()`` helper function and pass it in ``cookies=`` like this:

.. literalinclude:: ../tests/
   :language: python
   :start-after: # -- start test_signed_cookie_actor --
   :end-before: # -- end test_signed_cookie_actor --

Note that the paths like ../tests/ are relative to the root docs/ folder, which is a sibling of tests/.

Then in tests/

# fmt: off

# -- start test_homepage --
async def test_homepage():
    ds = Datasette(memory=True)
    response = await ds.client.get("/")
    html = response.text
    assert "<h1>" in html
# -- end test_homepage --

# -- start test_actor_is_null --
async def test_actor_is_null():
    ds = Datasette(memory=True)
    response = await ds.client.get("/-/actor.json")
    assert response.json() == {"actor": None}
# -- end test_actor_is_null --

# -- start test_signed_cookie_actor --
async def test_signed_cookie_actor():
    ds = Datasette(memory=True)
    cookies = {"ds_actor": ds.client.actor_cookie({"id": "root"})}
    response = await ds.client.get("/-/actor.json", cookies=cookies)
    assert response.json() == {"actor": {"id": "root"}}
# -- end test_signed_cookie_actor --

The rendered documentation can be seen here.

The # fmt: off line at the start is an instruction to Black to ignore that section of the file. Without that, running Black would insist on adding newlines before the closing # -- end comments, which would show up as blank space in the documentation.

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