Testing a Click app with streaming input

For sqlite-utils#364 I needed to write a test for a Click app which dealt with input streamed to standard input. I needed to run some assertions during that process, which ruled out the usual CliRunner.invoke() testing tool since that works by running the command until completion.

I decided to use subprocess to run the application. Here's the pattern I came up with for the test:

def test_insert_streaming_batch_size_1(db_path):
    # https://github.com/simonw/sqlite-utils/issues/364
    # Streaming with --batch-size 1 should commit on each record
    # Can't use CliRunner().invoke() here bacuse we need to
    # run assertions in between writing to process stdin
    proc = subprocess.Popen(
    proc.stdin.write(b'{"name": "Azi"}\n')
    # Without this delay the data wasn't yet visible
    assert list(Database(db_path)["rows"].rows) == [{"name": "Azi"}]
    proc.stdin.write(b'{"name": "Suna"}\n')
    assert list(Database(db_path)["rows"].rows) == [{"name": "Azi"}, {"name": "Suna"}]
    assert proc.returncode == 0

The first trick I'm using here is running sys.executable to start a Python process. This ensures I run the Python that is available in the current virtual environment.

I modified my sqlite-utils command such that it could also be run using python -m sqlite_utils - see sqlite-utils#368 for details.

Setting stdin=subprocess.PIPE allows me to write data to the process's standard input using proc.stdin.write().

I realized I needed to call proc.stdin.flush() after each write to ensure the write was pushed to the process in a predictable manner.

At the end of the test, running proc.stdin.close() is equivalent to sending an end-of-file, then proc.wait() ensures the process has finished and terminated.


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