Explicit file encodings using click.File

I wanted to add a --encoding option to sqlite-utils insert which could be used to change the file encoding used to read the incoming CSV or TSV file - see sqlite-utils #182.

Just one problem: the Click file argument was defined using click.File(), which has useful features like automatically handling - for standard input. The code looked like this:

@click.argument("json_file", type=click.File(), required=True)
# ...
def command(json_file):
    # ...

click.File() takes an optional encoding= parameter, but that requires you to know the file encoding in advance. In my case I wanted to use the encoding optionally provided by an --encoding= option.

The workaround I came up with was to switch to using click.File("rb"), which opened the incoming file (or stdin stream) in binary mode. I could then wrap it in a codecs.getreader() object that could convert those bytes into a Python string using the user-supplied encoding.

@click.argument("json_file", type=click.File("rb"), required=True)
@click.option("--encoding", help="Character encoding for input, defaults to utf-8")
def command(json_file, encoding):
    encoding = encoding or "utf-8"
    json_file = codecs.getreader(encoding)(json_file)
    reader = csv.reader(json_file)
    # ...

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