Importing CSV data into SQLite with .import

I usually use my sqlite-utils insert blah.db tablename file.csv --csv command to import CSV data into SQLite, but for large CSV files (like a 750MB one) this can take quite a long time - over half an hour in this case.

SQLite can import CSV data directly, and when I tried it on this file it completed in 45 seconds!

Here's how I scripted that from the command-line:

sqlite3 data.db <<EOS
.mode csv
.import school.csv schools
.import state.csv states

The .mode csv ensures the imported files are treated as CSV, then the .import filename.csv tablename lines import the data.

Every column was imported as TEXT - so I used sqlite-utils transform to transform some of the column types afterwards:

sqlite-utils transform data.db schools \
    --type school_nces_id integer \
    --type year integer

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