Analyzing Google Cloud spend with Datasette

Google Cloud provide extremely finely grained billing, but you need to access it through BigQuery which I find quite inconvenient.

You can export a dump from BigQuery to your Google Drive and then download and import it into Datasette.

I started with a SELECT * query against the export table it had created for me:

SELECT * FROM `datasette-222320.datasette_project_billing.gcp_billing_export_resource_v1_00C25B_639CE5_5833F9` 

I tried the CSV export first but it wasn't very easy to work with. Then I spotted this option:

The JSONL export option, which saves up to 1GB to Google Drive

This actually saved a 1.3GB newline-delimited JSON file to my Google Drive! I downloaded that to my computer

Importing it into SQLite with sqlite-utils

sqlite-utils can insert newline-delimited JSON. I ran it like this:

sqlite-utils insert /tmp/billing.db lines bq-results-20220816-213359-1660685720334.json --nl

This took a couple of minutes but gave me a 1GB SQLite file. I opened that in Datasette Desktop.

I decided to slim it down to make it easier to work with, and to turn some of the nested JSON into regular columns so I could facet by them more easily.

Here's the eventual recipe I figured out for creating that useful subset:

sqlite-utils /tmp/subset.db --attach billing /tmp/billing.db '
create table items as select
  json_extract(invoice, "$.month") as month,
  json_extract(service, "$.description") as service,
  json_extract(sku, "$.description") as sku_description,
  json_extract(project, "$.id") as project_id,
  json_extract(labels, "$[0].value") as service_name,
  json_extract(location, "$.location") as location,
  json_extract(resource, "$.name") as resource_name,

/tmp/subset.db is now a 295MB database.

Some interesting queries

This query showed me a cost breakdown by month:

select month, count(*), sum(cost) from items group by month

This query showed my my most expensive Cloud Run services:

select service_name, cast('' || sum(cost) as float) as total_cost
from items group by service_name order by total_cost desc;

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