Defining dependencies using a URL

For sqlite-utils issue 464 I implemented a fix to a tiny bug in a dependency in my own fork on GitHub.

I wanted to use my fork as a dependency when I ran my build on ReadTheDocs - but for that particular project the ReadTheDocs dependencies are installed using the equivalent of pip install '.[docs]' (by this configuration) - and that docs set of extra requirements was defined in my file like this:

        "test": ["pytest", "black", "hypothesis", "cogapp"],
        "docs": ["furo", "sphinx-autobuild", "codespell", "sphinx-copybutton"],
        "mypy": [
        "flake8": ["flake8"],

Any branch on GitHub can be installed by pip by finding the URL to the zip export of that branch. In this case that URL is:

I tried adding that into the list of strings defined for the "docs" bundle and got this error when I ran pip install -e '.[docs]':

Complete output (1 lines):
    error in sqlite-utils setup command: 'extras_require' must be a dictionary
    whose values are strings or lists of strings containing valid project/version requirement specifiers.

It turned out the solution was to use packagename @ URL instead, like this:

        "test": ["pytest", "black", "hypothesis", "cogapp"],
        "docs": [
            "beanbag-docutils @",


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