shot-scraper for a subset of table columns

For Datasette issue #1844 I wanted to create the following screenshot:

Screenshot of a faceting interface plus the first three rows of a table

From this page:

But... I only wanted to include the first ten columns of the first three rows of the table.

You can tell shot-scraper to take a screenshot of just a specific region of a page, which you can define using CSS selectors.

The selectors_all option in YAML (or --selector-all using the CLI tool) means "derive a box that includes all of the elements matching this selector".

Here's how I took the screenshot of just the first ten columns and first three rows:

- url:
  - .suggested-facets a
  - tr:not(tr:nth-child(n+4)) td:not(:nth-child(n+11))
  padding: 10
  output: faceting-details.png

The key trick here is this CSS selector:

tr:not(tr:nth-child(n+4)) td:not(:nth-child(n+11))

This is selecting table cells - <td> elements. It looks for cells that do NOT match :nth-child(n+11) - i.e. cells that are not the 11th child or higher in their group. These cells should be inside <tr> elements that are NOT 4th or higher (4th because the table headers are in a <tr> too).

Here's GPT-3's attempt at explaining the selector (which matches my own explanation):

Explain this CSS selector:

tr:not(tr:nth-child(n+4)) td:not(:nth-child(n+11))

This selector is selecting all table cells in rows that are not the fourth row or greater, and are not in columns that are the 11th column or greater.

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