Breakfast tacos with eggs, vegetarian sausages and avocado sauce

Ingredients (serves 2)

Two breakfast tacos with eggs, sausage and avocado sauce

For the sausages and eggs:

For the avocado sauce:

Once you get the hang of it the whole thing takes 15 minutes to make

For the avocado sauce:

Sausages and eggs:

Heat the corn tortillas one at a time (unless you have space for two) in a cast iron pan on a medium high heat - about 60 seconds a side - then transfer to a plate. The goal is to make them warm with maybe a couple of brown spots while staying fully flexible - if they get difficult to fold they’ve been heated for too long.

To assemble: Sriracha aioli and a quarter of the avocado sauce on each tortilla, topped with a quarter (or less) of the egg and sausage mixture and then add optional cholula.

Give any leftover sausages and eggs to the dog.


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