Async fixtures with pytest-asyncio

I wanted to use a fixture with pytest-asyncio that was itsef as async def function, so that it could execute await statements.

Since I'm using a pytest.ini file containing asyncio_mode = strict I had to use the @pytest_asyncio.fixture fixture to get this to work. Without that fixture I got this error:

    assert _has_explicit_asyncio_mark(fixturedef.func)
E   AssertionError: assert False
E    +  where False = _has_explicit_asyncio_mark(<function ds_with_route at 0x11332d2d0>)
E    +    where <function ds_with_route at 0x11332d2d0> = <FixtureDef argname='ds_with_route' scope='function' baseid='tests/'>.func

Swapping @pytest.fixture for @pytest_asyncio.fixture fixed this problem:

import pytest_asyncio

async def ds_with_route():
    ds = Datasette()
    db = Database(ds, is_memory=True, memory_name="route-name-db")
    ds.add_database(db, name="name", route="route-name")
    await db.execute_write_script(
        create table if not exists t (id integer primary key);
        insert or replace into t (id) values (1);
    return ds

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