Handling CSV files with wide columns in Python

Users were reporting the following error using sqlite-utils to import some CSV files:

_csv.Error: field larger than field limit (131072)

It turns out the Python standard library CSV module enforces a default field size limit on columns, and anything with more than 128KB of text in a column will raise an error.

You can modify this error using the csv.field_size_limit(new_limit) function.

There's one catch: the method doesn't provide a way to say "no limit". And it can throw an error if you feed it a value that is larger than the C long integer size on your platform.

So how do you set it to the maximum possible value? There's an extensive StackOverflow thread about this, with a number of different proposed solutions. Several of those use ctypes to find the correct value.

I didn't want to add a ctypes dependency out of paranoia that someone would try to use my library on a platform that didn't support it (I don't know if that paranoia has any basis at all). So I picked this pattern, suggested by StackOverflow user user1251007:

# Increase CSV field size limit to maximim possible
# https://stackoverflow.com/a/15063941
field_size_limit = sys.maxsize

while True:
    except OverflowError:
        field_size_limit = int(field_size_limit / 10)

This appears to work just fine. On macOS sys.maxsize works already, and on other platforms it should pick a field size limit that works.

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