Introspecting Python function parameters

For I want to be able to inspect a Python function to determine which named parameters it accepts and send only those arguments.

Python 3.3 added an inspect.signature() function that can be used for this.

Here's a function I wrote to take advantage of that and solve my problem:

def call_with_supported_arguments(fn, **kwargs):
    parameters = inspect.signature(fn).parameters.keys()
    call_with = []
    for parameter in parameters:
        if parameter not in kwargs:
            raise TypeError("{} requires parameters {}".format(fn, tuple(parameters)))
    return fn(*call_with)

And here's an illustrative unit test:

def test_call_with_supported_arguments():
    def foo(a, b):
        return "{}+{}".format(a, b)

    assert "1+2" == utils.call_with_supported_arguments(foo, a=1, b=2)
    assert "1+2" == utils.call_with_supported_arguments(foo, a=1, b=2, c=3)

    with pytest.raises(TypeError):
        utils.call_with_supported_arguments(foo, a=1)

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