WebAuthn browser support

I started exploring WebAuthn today - a set of browser standards that adds support for both Yubikey 2FA hardware devices and "platform" authentication using things like Touch ID and Face ID.

Trying it out

I have an iPhone with Face ID and a MacBook Pro (16", 2019) running macOS Catalina. I could get it to work on my iPhone but not on my Mac - at least not without a separate Yubikey (I have one lost in a bag somewhere, I should dig that out and try it).

The easiest way to try it out is using the demo on https://webauthn.io/

Browser support

https://caniuse.com/?search=webauthn has a support matrix.

https://webauthn.me/browser-support has more browser support information, including code that detects the level of support for your current browser.

Other places that support it

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